Parades, Public Displays, Costumes

Sculpture contributions to “Perils of the Deep Blue Sea” , ecological drama event, for Sarah Burren, in conjunction with  NZ Dept. of Conservation, 2008.

“Deep Sea Endangered Fauna” Sculptural depiction of deep-sea fauna, campaign display for Greenpeace NZ, 2007.

Occasional contributions to the sets  and costumes  of shows by “The Real Theatre Company”, for designer, Sarah Burren. From 2002.  “Humpty-Dumpty” and “The Mock Turtle” for “March Madness”.   Sculpture for entrance “The Vodaphone Christmas Party” for  Madant.  “MegaBull”  promotion with S. Burren,.   “Whiskas Kittens” heads, costume contribution.   “Steinlager  PURE’  sculpted tall poppies, for Madant and S. Burren.  

“Bobby” puppet, prototype shape, and Jacket and “Kete”performance costume, for Suzy Cato with S. Burren, designer, (2008)

Auckland Farmer’s Santa Parades, various sculptured floats including:  “The Lion King”, “It’s a Bug’s Life”, “Snow White” (all Disney),  “12 Days of Christmas”.  In conjunction with Roadshow, for M. Taylor, float builder.  Irregularly from 1994 to 2008.

America’s Cup Victory Parade, 1995, 4m. plystyrene  “America’s Cup” float, for Auckland City Council.

Point of Sale “Cadbury Gorilla” masks rebuild of 24 gorillas, for Mango productions.

“Silly Sausages”, with Dana Lambert, part construction of 5 costumes for Sarah Burren, costume designer.

“Kina” costumes, for M. Brownley, TAPAC, Performng Arts, 2007.   Westfield “Easter Eggs” costumes for dancers, for M. Brownley, 2007.

John Davies, performance costumes and mask props, various productions from 1980s.

Playgrounds, and Commissioned Work

“Victoria Park Playground” 2007.  8m. Eel and 1.8m Native Frog, polystyrene and polyplast, for Soul Environments, and Auckland City Council.

“Wild Surf”, Lynnmall Shopping Centre, Auckland.  Playground sculptures of Jewelled Gecko, “Lion Rock”, and Tide Pool Rocks, for R. Drew,  Ardee Design. 2009.

“Birdwood Flats”, Mini golf, Whitianga.  Keewee, Wizard, and Morris Morepork, cartoon characters, for author  Angie Greenhaigh. 2007.

Potter Children’s Garden, Auckland Botanical Gardens, see Museums and public sculpture.

“Tuatara” 2,2  to 3m, 6 sculpted  tuatara shopfront signage, for “Nature’s Window”, Auckland and Hamilton,  for R. and D. Abraham.

Painting and Works for Sale
To be developed!