“Penguins” for untitiled German/NZ film 2007, for M. Robins, designer.

“The Man Who Lost His Head” 2007, contributed sculpture, for G. Mackay, designer.

Sculpted rearing horse, for NZFX, “Prince Caspian” 2007.

“Hercules”, Coote-Hayes Productions 2004, lead set sculptor, for TV film, for L. Binns. designer.

“Treasure Island Kids”, 2004, set sculptor, for N. Evans, designer.

“Lucy:  The Lucille Ball Story” 2003, sculpted contributions to set, for N. Evans, art director.

“The Legend of Johnny Lingo” 2003, “cow”  and “carved house” for R. Gillies, designer.

“The Footstep Man”  1992, contributed oil paintings as props, for K. Hawkins, designer.

TV Commercials:  Highly varied jobs with one to many sculptures each, for different production houses and many production designers.   A brief list of ads and items follows:   “Ferrero Rocher Olympus”:  pillars and boat decoration (2008): “Toblerone”  chocolate, goat fountain and cuckoo clock deco (2007); “NZ Lottto” mud men (2009); “Kia” snowman (2006), “Cheetos” jungle props (2005), “Primo” big bowl (2008), “Vida” giant branched and hollowed tree (2006), “Nokia” world dance fountain (2005),

Museums and Public Sculptures

NZ Maritime Museum “Whaling Hall” 1991.  Sculpted whale bones for structural display features, for K. Hawkins, designer.   “Immigration Hall”.  Seven portrait/mannequin sculptures.  For K. Hawkins, designer.

Auckland War Memorial Museum :  “Volcanos and Giants” 1992, 3m Weta, Giant Penguin, 6m Pleisiosaur, 3m Hypsilophodont dinosaur, for R. Wolf, designer.  “Scars on the Heart I, WWI and the Boer War”,  7 mannequins, and “Zealandia” sculpture, 1995, for K. Hawkins, designer.  “Animal Poisons” 2004, giant Katipo puppet spider with Sarah Burren.  “ Auckland Social History”, 4 mannequins, including portrait sculpture of “Freda Stark” in performance, 1999, for K. Hawkins, designer.

NZ National Aquarium, Napier 2003,  three sculptures:  3m Great white shark, 3m, cutaway Blue shark, 2.4 m Megadon Walk-through Jaw, with Maco, for R. Yarrall, aquarium manager.

 “ASB Discovery Marquee”  Ellerslie Flower Show 2004.  “Xanadu” sculptures and major sets for design group:  T. Feather, J. Hart, and others.  “Pleasure Dome”, “Water Wall”, “Ice Caves”, “Vortex.

“ASB Discovery Marquee” Ellerslie Flower Show 2000.  “Gondwonaland”, NZ prehistoric plant replicas, for Kim Jarrett.  Lead sculptor and designer of plant replica

Auckland Zoological Gardens Education Display Art.  Various eduationa subjects throughout 1980s—1990.  “Kakapo”; “Native Bird Enclosure”, Facts and Games;  “Humans and parasites”: “Elephant facts”; “Tuatara”, with 2 m. walk-in tuatara sculpture: “New Elephant Enclosure Displays”, sculpted elephant skull and bones, baby elephant, signage (1989)

Auckland Botanical Gardens, “Potter Children’s Garden”  definitive opening sculpture, “Giant Egg”, “NZ Pigeon” game model, “Soil Fauna”, “Information Post” illustrations.  Opened by HRH Prince Charles, 10-3-2005. For the Potter Masonic Trust, for R. Price, gardens manager.

“Anzac Memorial, Rangeview School, Waitakere”.  Coordinator and art advisor, with Sally Wiley, for class construction of permanent memorial, student designed.  Opened by Sir Edmund Hillary 2003.