NZ Telelvision Work

1995—2001,  Lead Sculptor, polystyrene and mixed media, static props  for “Xena, Warrior Princess” , “Jack of All Trades”, “Cleopatra 2525” (all episodes), and “Hercules, The Legendary Journeys” (mid-series 2—series 6.  Also sculptor for Pacific Renaissance pilots for series in development during this time, “Young Hercules” (pilot only).

“The Man Who Lost His Head” 2007, contributed sculpture, for G. Mackay, desiger .

1980s “Funny Business”,  various illustrated props, for J. Ward, art director, Comedia Productions.

NZ Theatre and Shows:

Although Kate has been contributing props and painting to occasional theatre pieces in Auckland since mid 1980s, only the largest and more recent jobs are detailed below.

The Louis Vuitton Cup Party 2002, Props, aquatic set floats, and sculptures (non-inflatables), for J. Verryt and Inside-out Productions.

“The America’s Cup Ball” 2003, props and sculpted sets, for J. Verryt, designer.

“Whale Rider On Stage”  2004, Set sculptures, various,  3m  to 9m for   R. Gillies designer.

“Head”,  2.3m head sculpture, for “Theatre Stampede” 2007, J. Verryt, designer

Contributions to:  “High Society”, ATC , T. Grant, design. 

“Eugene Onegin”, 2009, contributed props, for G. Easton.

Occasional contributions to the sets  and costumes  of shows by “The Real Theatre Company”, for designer, Sarah Burren. From 2002.  “Humpty-Dumpty” and “The Mock Turtle” for “March Madness”. 

“Façade Mask” 2.4 m, for Victoria Theatre Signage 2007, for S. Burren  event producer.

NZ Film Sculpture and TV Commercial Sculpture:

“Tracker” (in production), set for R. Kofoed, designer, Digit Films 2009.

“Under The Mountain” 2009, contributor to set sculpture, R. Davies designer.

“Strength of Water” 2009, contributor  of sculpted props, R. Kofoed, designer.

“Skyrunners” contributed ship interior, for Glass Hammer, N. Evans, designer.

“30 Days of Night” set sculptor, 2007, for P. D. Austerberry, designer.