Kate with memento fish, 2010, Auckland, NZ
1995, Downtown Auckland

Born in Atlanta and raised  in St. Louis, Missouri, Kate Lang had a life-long interest in science, art and the natural  world.   Her locality provided few accessible wild areas, on the outskirts of a large city; but she attended  a more rural university, completing a degree in Zoology in 1967. A mix of zoology, chemistry, mathematics, embryology, English literature, and languages made an eclectic B. A.  Artistic work did not reappear until much later.  She immigrated to New Zealand in 1971, and on flying over the North Island, it was love at first sight - Citizenship followed in 1976.

After years of traveling and living in the North Island, two fantastic children, and much experience in gardening,  she returned to illustration, painting and graphics.  An interest in theatre led to props-making, set decoration, and, eventually television work.  Experience in stone sculpture through various symposia, morphed into set sculpture in polystyrene.  After contributing to a variety of educational and museum displays, her television experience led to the sculpture department of Pacific Renaissance Productions.   

For 6 series' of Xena, Warrior Princess, and 5 series of Hercules, The Legendary Journeys, Kate oversaw and produced thousands of polystyrene, and mixed-media, static set sculptures, between 1996-2001.  Subsequent work has included films, pulbic playgrounds, museum displays, and commissioned works.This site shows a history of the varied and crazy props created to the designs of many top production designers and art directors.  

Kate has workshopped polystyrene carving for various technical institutes and can set one up for your group on request.
Please contact Kate for further information.


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